The Car Sales Woman and a Jump Start

A  woman of used car’s sales store was starting the vehicles to recharge the battery. I was at the store trying to seel my car and was in love about that girl who was about 30 years old.

She was jumpstarting a car, in the first 3 starts the car didn’t start. But when it started she gives it a hell.

Everybody on the street take a look at her. She start to push the gas to the floor making that little engine scream hard. No matter how louder the engine screaming she put the gas more harder to the floor.

After hard fast pumps to the floor she decided to test the engine and turn the key off. Try to start without jump cables and nothing happens. So she put the cables on again and start the car. On the second try, it started, the gas was floored. She hold it for about 3 seconds with no mercy and the car scream hard again.

She was very upset and gives the car a hell that day. The engine was creaming and shaking and she was revving hard to the floor and sometimes pumping hard and then hold it again for about 1 minute of a hard and extreme revving show.

I think she was the owner of the store because while everyone was taking a look ath the scene she was concentrated on the wheels puting the gas down to the floor many times to recharge the battery.

She try again with no cables and the engine started, to make sure, she rev it up again hard. About 5 hard revving seconds to the floor. After that, she let the engine running for a while.


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