Thereza Starting My Car

A few years ago, a woman named Thereza, was cleaning my house’s windows, she was about 50 years old with gourgeus feet. I was going to my job and take a look at her on the stairs cleaning the glasses. Can’t take my eyes of her feet and amazing soles. I’ve passed many times behind her just to see that feet that makes my cock get very hard.

I ask Thereza to help to fix my car. She said ok and put on her flip flops and came with me to the garage. I had an old vw golf, it had a Complete dashboard, but i could see the pedal, looking behing the dashboard. My heart was beating fast and hard, thinking about what she can do. I didn’t know if she knows how to drive, but that day she gives me a little show.

I was looking to the floorboard near the pedals and told she the car wasn’t in gear, she take of her flip-flops and put her bare right foot on the gas, flooring it! I told she I will turn the key to see whats happening to the car. So I turn the key and the car start very loud, while she was standing on the gas. When it started her feet was flooring the gas pedal and the engine was screaming out hard and she keeps the gas to the metal with no mercy.

After 4 seconds i told she to take her feet off the gas. The engine keeps running but now with no revving. I turn of the key. THereza didn’t tell me a word. Just did what i command. And didn’t show any mercy of the car, she was very sweet at the wheel.

So I told i will turn the key again to start the car and she put the gas to the floor again. Oh lord, i was seeing that big toe pressing the gas to the floor side-by-side and can’t wait to hear the engine scream again. So I turn the key and the engine scream loud, very loud, and thereza keep revving it to the floor. I wait for 10 seconds looking at her foot smashing the gas really hard and told she to let off.

She let off the gas and i could see her soles imprinted by the gas pedal. Wow, what amazing view. I wasn’t satisfied so i told she to do different this time, cause i need to know if the car was ok. I told she to rev really hard but pumping the gas, like fast pump/revs. And after it she could floor it again.

She ask me to tell how many times to pump and the time to floor it. I said ok, and said that she could put the gas really hard against the carpet cause i was thinking the gas has problems at the time.

So she start pumping the gas and the engine scream a little bit harder. I was looking that amazing foot pumping the gas. I was almost cumming!! She pump it really hard and fast for about 12 times and i said: Floor it! She put the gas down really fast and the engine scream loud again. She hold it for 5 seconds and i told her to floor it more harder, harder than ever, and she did!!

The engine start shaking and I was there side-by-side with her feet, looking that sweet big toe smashing the gas really hard to the floor. She was spreading her big toe on the gas pedal and pressing it like trying to smash the pedal. She was planting that foot to the floor and i was cumming while the engine was screaming out loud. After 20 seconds of pedal to the metal, the temperature was rising to the top so I ask her to stop a little.

She let the gas and I could see, again, that soles hard imprinted by the gas pedal.


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