My aunt was stuck and makes the gas pedal her paradise!

When i was young i was with my aunt in her farm, she has an old vw beetle it was a very easy to start. I used to be fascinated by her feet, she was 34 years old and has a wondeful feet, perfect feet by the way. Was a hot and rainy day and she wearing a pair of open sandals.

We were to get a package on a farm of a friend of her and she get me to go with. I was young so she put me on the backseat. She get the wheel and take of her sandals to driver barefoot. Wow, i was going crazy! She starts the car, give it a few middle revs and go away.

We’re going on a dirt road it has a lot of mud. She was very skilled on the wheel and can control the car very well during the way. But she get the wrong way and we stopped at a gate of an old farm. It was the final of the road. Was a narrow road with a lot of mud and she need to turn of. There was no sapce to manage the car, so she put in reverse till see another gate on her left side down on the road. Was her chance to maneuver the car but the place was very dirt.

She decided to try and go down to the gate with the car. Then she put in reverse to maneuver the car, left the brake and put her sweet feet on the gas trying to get out but the car keep spinning her wheels but stay in place. She rev it more harder and the car keeps stuck spinning the wheels but can’t go reverse.

She put her foot on the brake, but the car go slipping near the gate again. She gets upset and decide to try again. Let the car go down a little bit more and put reverse.  Quikcly she put her foot to the floor making the engine scream hard and let the clutch making the tires spinning and the car was going slowly backward till stop while she was flooring the gas with her sweet foot. She put her foot on the brake. The car slip down a little.

I was in exctasy but a little bit worried cause the car was stuck. So she look at the mirrors and think about what to do. With her big toe on the brake, she put her heel on the gas givving the vw a lots of gas. She revved up it really hard many times till floor the gas with her heel and letting off the clutch, still smashing the gas to make the car go back. The engine was screaming out hard and the car start to go back slowly till get up the road again with one wheel. Then stopped again spinning the wheels so she put the big toe on the brake.

Wait a little and start to rev it up again more harder than ever. With her heel she put the gas all the way down to make sure the engine was ready to go. She gives it 5 or 6 hard revs to the floor and quickly smash the gas again with her heel letting off the clutch and the brake and the car jump back and was going back slowly but constantly. While she was adjusting her feet on the gas to press it with her toes.

THe engine was screaming very very loud and she manages her foot on the gas till adjust her toes to floor it more harder streching her leg, revealing that heel imprinted by the gas really deeply. The car climb to the road again and she brakes the car again with her big toe. While she was putting in 1th gear she keeps revving it up really really hard with her heel to keep the engine started.

I was excited and almost ask for more, while she was revving the engine. After a good revs to the floor with her heel she go away on the road again and pressing the gas with her toes showing, again, that heel deeply imprinted by the gas pedal.


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