I Teach my Aunt How to Treat a Bad Car!

One day I went to a nearby town that I live and I ride my aunt because she lived down the road. She was recently married and had no children yet. She doesn’t know how to drive. So I offered a ride to her home.

Along the way we were talking and I asked why she did not drive. She said it was easy to get around without car, either by bus or taxi. And he never wanted too.

When we got there I manage the car to get some shopping she had done. I opened the trunk and was taking off all things while she was putting into the house. When she went to take the second part of the purchase I took the rest and closed the trunk.

When she took the rest of the purchase I asked her to come back with some water to put in the car because I thought it was very hot and how I would travel again it will be necessary.

She came back with some water, I opened the hood and threw it. She came over and I showed water on the floor and said it was weird. She asked if it was serious and I said I did not know, need to see with the car running.

I went to the door and started the 1999’s VW Golf. Back to the engine I was analyzing. Then I was ashamed and ask her to rev the car. She had a low-heeled sandal with wonderful feet and clear nails.

She said ok, but I should tell her what to do. Of course! I was happy with the helpfulness and wasted no time. I told her I need to warm up the engine enough to see what’s happening.

Then she get behing the wheel n’ place the little foot on the gas pedal without touching.

I told her to press the gas pedal and she did very lightly kinda scared. I said she could press it hard with no fear. She then gave a middle rev and let out, another middle rev and released the gas. I could imagine that car screamming and that beautiful foot on the gas, so I told her to floor the gas. She then floor it and and let out fast. I ask for more and she did 2 more.

I was looking to the engine and told she to give it more 5 revs. She press it to the floor and release fast five times. I ask more harder revs. She then gives it 2 hard revs releasing the gas not so fast.

The engine scream hard and I was loving it. I could stay all day long, but had to leave. So I tried to rush the show and asked her to give hard and long revs! I went to her side and told her to hold the gas to the floor a while to warm up the engine faster.

She pressed the gas down slowly to the floor, when the pedal get the floor she let off. I told her to do differently, pressing fast and hard to the floor and hold it down till i tell her “OK”. She plant her foot on the gas and the car started to scream loud while that little foot keeps floored. After about 3 seconds i said ok.

I told she that’s what i need, so I would say the time to start and when to stop. Back to the engine and asked her to floor it againd. She floor the gas holding down while I watched that engine shaking and screaming hard. After about 5 seconds said “ok”.

I think i need more show, so told she to give it about 10 revs to the floor pressing and releasing fast while i was looking under the car. She rev it up really fast pressing the gas to the floor and releasing very fast making the car shaking and screaming. After 10 fast/revs i ask for another floored rev. OMG! She was learning fast. Floor the gas very fast and keep holding it about 5 seconds and then  let off.

I said the car was ok, and close the wood. She was letting off the car and i ask if she had seen dark smoke from the exaust while she was revving, she said no and ask me if She need to rev it again?

YESSSSSSSS please!!!!!

She was back to the wheel and i told she to rev it really hard but this time pumping the gas to the floor and after about 20 fast revs to the floor she need to floor the gas really hard and hold it down for a while. She said ok and start revving, she was pumping the gas hard pressing it to the floor and releasing till half throttle course and pressing it again with that sweet foot. I was going crazy with that revving and that virgin feet showing the car who’s boss.

After mt 20 fast revs she rev it all the way down streching her leg and looking at me while i was looking to her and to the exaust. The engine was screaming hard n i keep she revving for about 15 seconds all the way down. Till said “ok”.


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