My teacher Jumpstarting the Car

A one time the school had a lovely teacher with wonderful feet. Who has not imagined at the feet of a teacher. She had a hatch car year 1981. It was white boy and already well battered. It had no console which also facilitated see her little feet stepping background. She was short and single brunette. He came from far and was adjusting to the city yet.

She always sweated open sandals on his fingers, and especially in the heel. Revealing fingers perfectly designed, soft and wrinked heels, every time she tried to write higher in the table during class.

On a fine day there was a school event and we were all leaving and she was in her car trying to start but the battery was lowered. I arrived with 2 more friends and offer to help. We should have our 15 year old and she asked me to push the car for her to give a jolt. At the time was a common scene. We readily serve.

She straightened and those beautiful sandals keeping feet delicious she pressed the clutch and prepared. While two friends were behind the car and I went to push the driver’s door to be able to see up close those little feet working the pedals. We started pushing and slowly the car took momentum until she gave stride and he took first.

She gave a few pumps on the gas to make the engine start and then gave very fast n hard revs to the floor. Then she gave 3 more heavy revs all the way to the floor to make the car understand who was behind the wheel. I watched those little feet stepping up strong and I almost play in the car. She then thanked us, still giving heavy revs.

Gone away with the car, still half cold and, when turned away from the school concierge, she gave some phenomenal punished revs. She gave a 5 foot jammed mercilessly until it stops choking. I heard from a distance, imagining those fingers clutching the sandal against the accelerator.


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