About this Pedal Pumping Blog

This blog is to share my experiences with everyone who like pedal pumping, news n’olders into it. I will try to bring news everyday i can, pictures, clips, interviews and stuff.

I try to give the credit to every photo or video, if you know who is the owner of any pictures i havent give the credit please send me and email tolodasilva@yahoo.com.br

If you are a fan, subscribe my blog and receive my feed with news, good news. If ur are a model or a goddess, feel free to use my chanel to share your job. Ask me for a link to you website or clipstore and stuff. I Would love to share everything about footfetish, specially pedal pumping.

If u have storeis and want to share too, send me by email. I’ll post and give you the credit for sure.

My real intention it’s to keep the pedal pumping alive. I’m a fan of long time ago. Since i started in Pedal Pumping websites i’ve seen many sites start and dead, good sites and bad sites, i don’t care. I remember Lilytiger.com, Lissasfeet.com, pedalextreme.com (the classic), gaspedalhoneys.com. Really miss that sites.

Have any models in my mind like Brianna, Mistress Chloe, sinse 2001/02 i think. Remember too from classicarladies.com. Shelby!!!!!! OMG what a hard revving clips she did! 😉

Today the mos complete is http://www.pumpthatpedal.com i swear everyone can be a member someday to see 2 clips called “Scarlet trying to kill the marquis” You will love it and see many times as your hands can work, if you know what i mean. You will see Damara’s clip where she rev it up the bug to the floor and show her soles imprinted by the gas pedal. many clips of cranking, BF, you will see Veronica Killing the Bronco BAREFOOTED!!!!!!!! Brilliant clip!!

I love too the clips4sale of Aubrey she have good hard revving clips too and Cranking as well. Oh SHe was Pumpthatpedal’s model too.

I Woul love to share MsVeryShy.com too. Michell is a wonder woman by the way. Poweful legs with so sweet feet. Must see!! This sweet, tiny, smal, wellcared feet pressing the gas to the carpet.

Remember leadfootimports.com too. Can’t forget Lexis’s lead foot. How many times that girl put the gas against the carpet. What about Sabrina, perfec little tiny feet revving harder than anyone!!! Angel, who was interviewed here, nice flooring and hard revving on that hummer! All that models and, of course, Upgrade. A real lead foot too!! What a powerful feet she have.

I love Pedal pumping and hard revving and have many soties to tell but would love to hear some too! Lets Chat!!!!