Cute Girl Blowing the Hyundai!

Girl Revving Barefoot

Girl Revving Really Hard – Miss BlackJess

Another girl from PedalVamp and do you know agressive they are!!

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Girl Blowing Engine – Miss Black Mamba And Miss Melaine

Do you like Fiat Punto? This 2 girls don’t ! Do you know what happens when they do love the car? They rev it up to the floor! But, do you know what happens when they DON’T like the car? Well you must see this clip to understand!

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Girl Blowing Engine – Miss Iris And Miss Black Mamba

Check this 2 beauties showing the Lancia Dedra its own destiny!!! This car cannot be so unlucky cause this two girls have heavy foot, lots of desire and no mercy at all.

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Hard Revving on The VW Beetle

Miss Vicky, from PedalVamp, wants to show us her ew VW Beetle. But she don’t know how hard this car can be revved, so she rev it jus hard, not extreme in this clip. Of course she can’t rev the car soft cause she is a natural leadfoot girl. She tries in 2 ways, in sandals and, of course, barefoot. She wants to feel the gas pedal under her soles trying to make the gas pedal imprints her soles. I cannot to see the imprints of the gas on her soles. But i would love 🙂

Girl Extreme Revving – Miss Edmea New Model

New girl at PedalVamp but no shy to put the gas hard to the floor. Check this Beauty playing with the as pedal and torturing the poor car. She puts it to the limit to make us happy. I’m sure she wants to know how hard this car can be revved, so she get back on work smashing the gas pedal like there’s no tomorrow!!!

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Girl Extreme Revving – Miss Iris blowing the BMW

Check This preview of Miss Iris Givvin’ the BMW a hell!!! What a Perfect Video. Miss Iris Shows us That nothing can resit to her leadfoot, even a BMW engine. Look how this beautiful girl smash the gas pedal hard with both feet showing no mercy. She really plant the pedal while you see the tacometer climbing and the engine temperature on the real red line. A must Have for those who love pedal pumping, specially Extreme Revving.

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