Check this interview and, if you love pedal pumping and hard revving, make sure you are ready to get horny right now.

Q. What size are your feet?

A. Depends on the shoe. On average a 6.

Q. What part of your feet do you like the most?

A. Tough question! Either my big toe or my arches.

Q. What are you into about foot fetish?

A. I love how different everyone’s feet look. No one pair of feet looks like the next. It’s a never ending world of greatness!

Q. When did you start in Foot fetish World?

A. 2014.

Q. What do you like to do with your feet?

A. I love to spread my toes and pick things up with my toes. I also really enjoy wearing shoes with no socks so when my feet get moist with sweat I can scrunch my toes and wiggle them inside my shoe.

Q. Do you like foot massage?

A. Who doesn’t love a good foot rub?!

Q. What do you like in Pedal Pumping?

A. I like pushing the pedal in with just my big toes or bare feet.

Q. When did you start in Pedal Pumping?

A. Just a few weeks ago.

Q. Did you do pedal pumping in real life or just in fetish world?

A. Mostly just the fetish world. I drive a automatic now so I have been using other items such as foot pumps, etc.

Q. Do you remember the worst experience do you have, in real life, with car that wouldn’t start? Which car? What Happened?

A. Well I have always owned stick shift cars except for this one and the first time I ever tried to drive one I kept stalling and grinding gears. I had my car for about a week before I had to get a new clutch! What a mess haha. I burnt that sucker out QUICK!

Q. Do you like to do barefeet pedal pumping or in shoes or flip flops etc?

A. Haha. Barefeet!

Q. Pedal Pumping really excites you?

A. It is fun thats for sure.

Q. Do you like to see other girls pedal pumping? Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping?

A. I dont really have a preference.

Q. Do you like to pump the gas hard or soft?

A. Softly! Tease it.

Q. Do you do your own clips or you do just custom clips?

A. I own my clips but I also do customs.

Q. If your foot could speak, what do you think it would tell us about pedal pumping?


Q. Where we can know more about you and buy your custom clips?
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