Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Check this interview and, if you love pedal pumping and hard revving, make sure you are ready to get horny right now.

Q. What size are your feet?

A. Size 10 US

Q. What part of your feet do you like the most?

A. I love my arches that are high from doing ballet for so many years. When I point my toes it looks so pretty.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. What are you into about foot fetish?

A. I actually kind of fell into foot fetish work. I had owned a company that booked promo girls for conventions when I was featured in one of my friend Wordman’s Clips4Sale store. I started my own store with a variety of random categories, but I was constantly approached about foot fetish related clips. After gaining so much popularity in the category I ran with it. Now I love using my powers of beautiful feet for pleasure!

Q. When did you start in Foot fetish World?

A. It’s been about 5 years since I started catering to the foot fetish niche. It took me a little time to be comfortable selling my worn socks, so that didn’t start until 3 years ago.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping


Q. What do you like to do with your feet?

A. I love dominating men with my feet. I have them lay down in submission to me while they take off my shoes with their teeth, then i make them lick them clean, smother them, or even gag them if that’s their thing.

Q. Do you like foot massage?

A. I thoroughly enjoy getting a foot massage. It has to be with a strong and firm hand since I’m so ticklish and I hate being tickled!

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. What do you like in Pedal Pumping?

A. I love feeling the power underneath my soles, knowing that my toes and wide ball of my foot can take both of us on a journey. I can rev you up the same as I rev this engine up.

Q. When did you start in Pedal Pumping?

A. I was first requested to play with pedal pumping while living in North Carolina. I had a fan send me one of those foot bellows and a pair of cork wedge pink heels about 3 years ago. Soon after the requests came in to play in different high heels in both my stick shift truck and regular automatic sedan.

Q. Did you do pedal pumping in real life or just in fetish world?

A. I occasionally get so frustrated stuck in traffic that I pedal pump the brakes over and over again to release some of my tension. Pushing all that energy out through the balls of my feet to the pedal and into the car really eases my stress!

Q. Do you remember the worst experience do you have, in real life, with car that wouldn’t start? Which car? What Happened?

A. My first car when I was 16 was a 1982 Buick Regal, a complete boat of a car. It would occasionally stall out and take a few attempts to get it restarted. One day I pulled out of my high school parking lot on to the main road when it stalled completely. As a sea of cars came at me I had to pump the pedal over and over and over trying to get the gas to the engine to make it go. I was terrified and, like the entitled 16 year old brat that I was, I went home and demanded a car that WOULDN’T do that ever again… They obviously said NO.

Q. Do you like to do barefeet pedal pumping or in shoes or flip flops etc?

A. I prefer barefoot pedal pumping because I like to feel the pedal under my soles. You can feel the vibrations it causes the car to have when you rev up the engine, why separate yourself from it with shoes?

Q. Pedal Pumping really excites you?

A. It makes me happily giggle and I’m very entertained by it. I am excited by the knowledge that I can create content that excites others, especially catering to the niche that never gets the attention they deserve.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. Do you like to see other girls pedal pumping? Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping?

A. Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping? When I watch other sexy ladies revving the engine, I enjoy pumping in high heels. when it’s a big, sexy man, I prefer them to be revving a big country truck with some big boots on.

Q. Do you like to pump the gas hard or soft?

A. I love pumping it hard to really rev up that engine, nice and loud! I’m a little bit of a tomboy so it appeals to that side of me.

Q. Do you like revving?

A. Oops, I already revealed that answer. Yes, I do.

Q. What about extreme revving?

A. I really enjoy that the most of them all.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. Did u ever rev it up too hard the gas pedal make imprints on ur sole?

A. Not yet that I’ve noticed, but now I have a new challenge!

Q. Do you feel afraid, sometimes, to rev it up the car really hard?

A. I only worry about hurting the engine. I have bad luck with cars breaking down on me, so it would be my luck.

Q. Do you like when the car wouldn’t start or do you prefer just to rev it up?

A. I prefer to have it rev right up. No need to be difficult with me, I’ll pedal pump when I’m ready along the ride.

Q. What do you feel while you are revving hard? Hearing the noise and feeling the engine shaking.

A. Hearing the noise and feeling the engine shaking.

Q. Have you ever blew up an engine by revving it too hard? Which car? What Did you feel?

A. No, I never have. I would feel awful if I did. Unless it was a junk car I didn’t care about, then it would be fun!

Q. Which car would you love to rev till blew up the engine?

A. I want to blow a Hummer’s engine! I don’t know how much that would take to accomplish that, but it seems exciting.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. Do you remember the hardest revving clip you has done? Can you describe it?

A. I was sitting in my stick shift Toyota Tacoma in my driveway in a thick wool peacoat all seat belted in. I took my high heeled boots and revved the engine as high as the 8 cylinders would go for 5 whole minutes, over and over then holding it down. It was exciting making all that noise and feeling all that power under my soles.

Q. Do you do your own clips or you do just custom clips?

A. I do both customs and regular store clips.

Q. What do you think cannot miss to do a good hard revving clip?

A. A clear focus on the foot, whether it’s dainty or clad in giant boots, and how hard the ankle and foot arches to really push with precision is important, at least when I’m watching.

Q. Do you have girls friends who like hard revving? Do you think any of them can rev harder than you?

A. I have one girlfriend that I think would find it fun to do a car revving and pedal pumping competition. It would be a close race!

Q. Did you have a boyfriend who was a hard revving lover? If yes, WOW, what a lucky guy!

A. I’ve never dated anyone with this fetish, though they’ve all been understanding of the niche.

Q. If your foot could speak, what do you think it would tell us about pedal pumping?

A. My foot is just as dominant as I am, so the same power I feel would be magnified for that glorious foot. Being down where the noise can fully engulf it, I’m sure it feels like a rollercoaster ride of the most amazing kind.

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. There are any question you would like to do?

A. None that I can think of. This was very thorough!

Eve Batelle Foot Model Pedal Pumping

Q. Where we can know more about you and buy your custom clips?

My main website is and it has links to all of my stores and social media sites. My foot fetish Clips4Sale store can be found at Facebook fanpage

Follow me on Instagram @evebatelle

Customs: customs can email