A Real Foot Princess!

Check this intreview and, if you love pedal pumping and hard revving, make sure you are ready to get horny right now.

Q. What size are your feet?

A. 9.5 (US), narrow

Q. What part of your feet do you like the most?

A. The arches.

Q. What are you into about foot fetish?

A. Teasing and sensuality

Q. When did you start in Foot fetish World?

A. About 10 years ago, I went on vacation to NYC. I heard through a photographer friend that his friend did foot fetish. I was curious, so we shot and I got a sexy new pair of heels, a nice dinner, and a fun time! I didn’t take it too seriously at the time, but it was so much fun.

Q. What do you like to do with your feet?

A. I like to step on my furs and stroke them, and I have a nervous habit of flexing my ankles when I am trying to concentrate.

Q. Do you like foot massage?

A. Who doesn’t? 🙂

Q. What do you like in Pedal Pumping?

A. Test the limits of the car and listen to the engine.

Q. When did you start in Pedal Pumping?

A. Last year I had a friend who owned a mechanic shop, and she owed me a favor. I saw the categories “pedal pumping” and “engine revving” and made a few clips with her customer’s cars not really knowing what I was doing.

Q. Did you do pedal pumping in real life or just in fetish world?

A. I have fun with it, although it usually takes the feedback from fans to get me to make another clip… IAfter I make custom clips, I usually make some “bonus content” for myself of what I want to do. If I didn’t like pedal pumping, I would want to go inside and edit the clips asap instead of lingering in the car…

Q. Do you remember the worst experience do you have, in real life, with car that wouldn’t start? Which car? What Happened?

A. I was broke. It is NEVER good to have car problems when you’re broke! I had a 1988 Ford Escort, my first car. It broke down in the city after I’d only had it for about 3 weeks. It wouldn’t start, and I think that not knowing anything about cars, that I ran the radiator dry and then busted a pin or something in the engine. It was so smokey and awful. I took the plates off of it, walked home, and abandoned the car since I hadn’t sent in the title (and the previous owner wouldn’t refund my money). Eventually the city towed it, and ofcourse nobody came to claim that old piece of junk!

Q. Do you like to do barefeet pedal pumping or in shoes or flip flops etc?

A. I like high heels, although I have a hard time driving for real in high heels. Barefoot is also fun 🙂

Q. Pedal Pumping really excites you?

A. It’s so thrilling to test the limits of a car!

Q. Do you like to see other girls pedal pumping? Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping?

A. I’m into revving. I don’t really look at other girls. Watching it doesn’t interest me- I would rather be the one doing it.

Q. Do you like to pump the gas hard or soft?

A. Hard!

Q. Do you like revving?

A. Yes!

Q. What about extreme revving?

A. The fact that the car could break…

Q. Do you feel afraid, sometimes, to rev it up the car really hard?

A. Yes, which is why I don’t rev my personal car

Q. Do you like when the car wouldn’t start or do you prefer just to rev it up?

A. If I am fully insured and have money and it’s a fake situation (so I’m not stranded on the side of a road in a bad neighborhood), I love cranking. That sputtering sound…

Q. What do you feel while you are revving hard? Hearing the noise and feeling the engine shaking.

A. A total goddess of the car. Totally in control and taming the car.

Q. Have you ever blew up an engine by revving it too hard? Which car? What Did you feel?

A. Nope, though I think that i ruined a started by cranking too much!

Q. Which car would you love to rev till blew up the engine?

A. An 8 cylinder luxury car of some kind. It doesn’t matter, just a luxury sports car with a strong engine.

Q. Do you remember the hardest revving clip you has done? Can you describe it?

A. Last year I revved a mustang pretty hard in my former friend’s car shop! The muffler was detached and it was the loudest motor noise that I’ve ever heard.

Q. Do you do your own clips or you do just custom clips?

A. I do custom clips only. I borrow friend’s cars or rent them, so I can’t rev or pedal pump TOO hard for fear of breaking them. I would love to get a nice junk car, but my boyfriend is against that idea. I’m working on buttering him up.

Q. What do you think cannot miss to do a good hard revving clip?

A. Not sure what this means? A good hard revving clip – I prefer to wear skirts to show off my long legs and tease more…

Q. Do you have girls friends who like hard revving? Do you think any of them can rev harder than you?

A. My friend Nola will do almost anything with me. We did a 2 girl revving clip a month or 2 ago, and it was really fun. I sat on her lap and we revved together. This was a bonus from a custom clip that had paid for the luxury car rental.

Q. Did you have a boyfriend who was a hard revving lover? If yes, WOW, what a lucky guy!

A. Nope. He’s not into it at all, and it’s his least favorite fetish unfortunately. I usually have to buy him drinks afterwards if I’m having
him shoot me (and my friend Nola is very difficult to schedule with). He is slowly coming around, but he’s pretty vanilla.

Q. If your foot could speak, what do you think it would tell us about pedal pumping?

A. They’d want me to try wearing more shoes and different high heels, and clogs, and barefoot and to try more variety.

Q. There are any question you would like to do?

A. I’m always learning and I like to hear different ideas from fans. Especially on camera angles and any tricks on how to rev and crank without doing damage… and I’d love to get make a clip where my car is stuck, but I can’t figure out how to get it fake stuck so that I can really get myself out easily if I want to.

Q. Where we can know more about you and buy your custom clips?

A. You can find free previews and members can download them all on my site

Or buy the ones you really want on clips4sale:

Here’s more information about my custom fetish clips:

Please note, that engine revving and cranking clips are NOT easy clips to shoot, and I charge double to cover the cost and time of renting a car (I minimally need $100). Still, if paid through my site using my trusted adult payment processor (Zombaio), the cost is very reasonable and well worth it. I do charge about double through other sites, because they take 40-50% (as compared to Zombaio, which has processing rates comparable to PayPal, but is adult friendly and anonymous).

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