Q. What size are your feet?

A. Size 5 😀

Q. What part of your feet do you like the most?

A. Arch

Q. What are you into about foot fetish?

A. The opportunity to entertain others.

Q. When did you start in Foot fetish World?

A. In the year 2016

Q. What do you like to do with your feet?

A. Pedal pump, pedal play, painting my nails

Q. Do you like foot massage?

A. Who doesn’t 😀

Q. What do you like in Pedal Pumping?

A. Controlling the car through soft to hard pedal pumping/revs.

Q. When did you start in Pedal Pumping?

A. In 2016

Q. Did you do pedal pumping in real life or just in fetish world?

A. Both. I drive manual so casual driving and pedal pumping in real life is a real thing LOL. I make pedal pumping videos for my fetish fans on YouTube. It’s great to see something so simple be of a big interest to others. I’m definitely glad to see others enjoying my feet.. Or what I call them.. My “oompaloompa feet”.

Q. Do you remember the worst experience do you have, in real life, with car that wouldn’t start? Which car? What Happened?

A. Nope. Car works fine lol.

Q. Do you like to do barefeet pedal pumping or in shoes or flip flops etc?

A. All of the above plus more. I’m open to ideas for custom videos. Just ask 🙂

Q. Pedal Pumping really excites you?

A. Not really, but it makes me happy when I make others happy through my pedal pumping videos.

Q. Do you like to see other girls pedal pumping? Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping?

A. No. Seeing girls pedal pump is not interesting to me. But personally, I like to Rev and pump. I don’t crank though.

Q. Do you like to pump the gas hard or soft?

A. Both! 🙂

Q. Do you like revving?

A. Yeah but only for about a minute. Gotta save my car still haha.

Q. What about extreme revving?

A. Same as #15

Q. Did u ever rev it up too hard the gas pedal make imprints on ur sole?

A. No.

Q. Do you feel afraid, sometimes, to rev it up the car really hard?

A. Yeah. I’m very concerned about my car and tend to look after it more than other pedal pumping models. SAVE OUR ENGINES AND PEDALS 😛


Q. Do you like when the car wouldn’t start or do you prefer just to rev it up?

A. This is a weird question lol.. I like my car to be working and not struggling to start.


Q. Have you ever blew up an engine by revving it too hard? Which car? What Did you feel?

A. No. That’s dumb.

Q. Which car would you love to rev till blew up the engine?

A. Any, doesn’t really matter.

Q. Do you remember the hardest revving clip you has done? Can you describe it?

A. Driving manual in very high heels for the first time. A bit difficult to clutch in, but the gas pedal was easy to press down so I could really hard. I enjoy doing soft and hard revs.

Q. Do you do your own clips or you do just custom clips?

A. Both. Own clips are uploaded on YouTube (search ngansturr). Custom video inquiries: missnguyenproductions@gmail. com

Q. What do you think cannot miss to do a good hard revving clip?

A… Great angle/capture of my feet on the pedals

Q. Do you have girls friends who like hard revving? Do you think any of them can rev harder than you?

A. No.

Q. Did you have a boyfriend who was a hard revving lover? If yes, WOW, what a lucky guy!

A. No.

Q. If your foot could speak, what do you think it would tell us about pedal pumping?

A. Drive fast, pump hard and thanks for the foot exercise lol

Q. Where we can know more about you and buy your custom clips?

Youtube: ngansturr

Paid custom video requests: missnguyenproductions@gmail. com