Check this interview and, if you love pedal pumping and hard revving, make sure you are ready to get horny right now.

Q. What size are your feet?

A. 39

Q. What part of your feet do you like the most?

A. Arch and fingers.

Q. What are you into about foot fetish?

A. I like a lot.

Q. When did you start in Foot fetish World?

A. 3 years ago

Q. What do you like to do with your feet?

A. Everything!

Q. Do you like foot massage?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. What do you like in Pedal Pumping?

A. To see men became crazy…

Q. When did you start in Pedal Pumping?

A. Two years ago.

Q. Did you do pedal pumping in real life or just in fetish world?

A. Depend, when I don’t use my car, often!

Q. Do you remember the worst experience do you have, in real life, with car that wouldn’t start? Which car? What Happened?

A. My car, but died without possibility to do a real cranking or revving….

Q. Do you like to do barefeet pedal pumping or in shoes or flip flops etc?

A. I love barefoot and high sandals!

Q. Pedal Pumping really excites you?

A. Yes, because I know what is the men reaction!

Q. Do you like to see other girls pedal pumping? Do you prefer they revving, cranking or pumping?

A. Yes I like! I love revving!

Q. Do you like to pump the gas hard or soft?

A. Absolutely hard!

Q. Do you like revving?

A. Is my first love!

Q. What about extreme revving?

A. Obviously, I love it and I do it a lot with my friends cars…

Q. Did u ever rev it up too hard the gas pedal make imprints on ur sole?

A. Yes a few time..

Q. Do you feel afraid, sometimes, to rev it up the car really hard?

A. In the reality no, but when the car has an engine problem after my revving action a little…but little…

Q. Do you like when the car wouldn’t start or do you prefer just to rev it up?

A. I like also cranking, but revving is the top..

Q. What do you feel while you are revving hard? Hearing the noise and feeling the engine shaking.

A. Everything! All steps until the engine blow!…when it’s possible!

Q. Have you ever blew up an engine by revving it too hard? Which car? What Did you feel?

A. I blew two engines, one new volvo ( the owner changed the engine…) and a bmw…
I was happy and surprised to kill the engine with my feet action, the owner wasn’t so happy…but he doesn’t know was I the car killer….

Q. Which car would you love to rev till blew up the engine?

A. When it’s possible sports cars or big cars..

Q. Do you remember the hardest revving clip you has done? Can you describe it?

A. I was driving a Lancia y and I revved in the meantime, all people see me when I was stopped on the traffic light and I revved like hell!

Q. Do you do your own clips or you do just custom clips?

A. Both

Q. What do you think cannot miss to do a good hard revving clip?

A. The shot beside the feet and also the shot of the barefoot!

Q. Do you have girls friends who like hard revving? Do you think any of them can rev harder than you?

A. One is very good, but I think I’m better…now!

Q. Did you have a boyfriend who was a hard revving lover? If yes, WOW, what a lucky guy!

A. Isn’t a revving lover, he says I’m crazy! And I tell him..YES!!

Q. If your foot could speak, what do you think it would tell us about pedal pumping?

A. I love to pumping pedals and don’t think to stop!  Never!!

Q. Where we can know more about you and buy your custom clips?

Send me mail and I tell everything about me and I find solutions for all feet desires!