Girl Revving Barefoot

Girl Revving Really Hard – Miss BlackJess

Another girl from PedalVamp and do you know agressive they are!!

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Girl Revving VW PUMA

Walking through the center of town, I saw a blond woman in her 40’s, wearing a pair of clogs that showed only her heel. She was opening the door of a Puma, an old car made on the Beetle platform, so with those perfect pedals to watch a Pedal Pumping show.

When she came in and unlocked the door I walked faster to see if I was going to drive barefoot. As I passed, I stared out the window as she pumped the gas pedal before cranking the car.

She was pounding hard on the gas before starting. The traffic light closed to the pedestrians and I was paying attention to the car to see if it start. After a few tries she started with the pedal down, when the car started it was accelerated, but not to the floor.

She took a few half-way revs and got out when the car died. She started again but the car did not start. She then gave some more pumping on the gas and started again. As long as the light did not open I listened to the sounds and movements of her inside the car.

When starting the car again, it start up faster than the first time. She gave some more revs, stronger than the middle and was going away. When the car almost die again.

When the car almost to die, she soon stepped on the clutch and gave 3 allthe way to the floor revs. It stomped loudly until the end. There is a smoke characteristic of the exhaust when it revs. The car moaned loudly, drawing attention in the street.

After the 3 revs to the floor, she gave a few more middle revs and then 3 or 4 revs to the floor, holding the gas down in the last one. That poor engine scream hard that time cleaning the carburator and the exaust. What a fast Extreme Revving Girl Show!

Girl Blowing Engine – Miss Black Mamba And Miss Melaine

Do you like Fiat Punto? This 2 girls don’t ! Do you know what happens when they do love the car? They rev it up to the floor! But, do you know what happens when they DON’T like the car? Well you must see this clip to understand!

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Girl Blowing Engine – Miss Iris And Miss Black Mamba

Check this 2 beauties showing the Lancia Dedra its own destiny!!! This car cannot be so unlucky cause this two girls have heavy foot, lots of desire and no mercy at all.

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Hard Revving on The VW Beetle

Miss Vicky, from PedalVamp, wants to show us her ew VW Beetle. But she don’t know how hard this car can be revved, so she rev it jus hard, not extreme in this clip. Of course she can’t rev the car soft cause she is a natural leadfoot girl. She tries in 2 ways, in sandals and, of course, barefoot. She wants to feel the gas pedal under her soles trying to make the gas pedal imprints her soles. I cannot to see the imprints of the gas on her soles. But i would love 🙂

Girl Extreme Revving – Miss Edmea New Model

New girl at PedalVamp but no shy to put the gas hard to the floor. Check this Beauty playing with the as pedal and torturing the poor car. She puts it to the limit to make us happy. I’m sure she wants to know how hard this car can be revved, so she get back on work smashing the gas pedal like there’s no tomorrow!!!

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Girl Extreme Revving – Miss Iris blowing the BMW

Check This preview of Miss Iris Givvin’ the BMW a hell!!! What a Perfect Video. Miss Iris Shows us That nothing can resit to her leadfoot, even a BMW engine. Look how this beautiful girl smash the gas pedal hard with both feet showing no mercy. She really plant the pedal while you see the tacometer climbing and the engine temperature on the real red line. A must Have for those who love pedal pumping, specially Extreme Revving.

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