Girl Revving VW PUMA

Walking through the center of town, I saw a blond woman in her 40’s, wearing a pair of clogs that showed only her heel. She was opening the door of a Puma, an old car made on the Beetle platform, so with those perfect pedals to watch a Pedal Pumping show.

When she came in and unlocked the door I walked faster to see if I was going to drive barefoot. As I passed, I stared out the window as she pumped the gas pedal before cranking the car.

She was pounding hard on the gas before starting. The traffic light closed to the pedestrians and I was paying attention to the car to see if it start. After a few tries she started with the pedal down, when the car started it was accelerated, but not to the floor.

She took a few half-way revs and got out when the car died. She started again but the car did not start. She then gave some more pumping on the gas and started again. As long as the light did not open I listened to the sounds and movements of her inside the car.

When starting the car again, it start up faster than the first time. She gave some more revs, stronger than the middle and was going away. When the car almost die again.

When the car almost to die, she soon stepped on the clutch and gave 3 allthe way to the floor revs. It stomped loudly until the end. There is a smoke characteristic of the exhaust when it revs. The car moaned loudly, drawing attention in the street.

After the 3 revs to the floor, she gave a few more middle revs and then 3 or 4 revs to the floor, holding the gas down in the last one. That poor engine scream hard that time cleaning the carburator and the exaust. What a fast Extreme Revving Girl Show!


The Mechanical’s Wife revving The chevy

I bought a Chevy once and took the mechanic to give a revised. I was in the workshop that was always because the mechanic’s wife always made the first visit to me in the time I was there. Because the husband was always somewhere else doing a service dealership in the morning.

I arrived and she was opening the workshop. Just I touched the car and said he had bought the car and asked her to check to see if it needed to do something in the car.

It was very clean and well washed and sanitized inside the motor and also washed.

She just told me to put the car on the lift. Then she lifted the car and looked down the exhaust and suspension condition, but nothing too deep. Then lowered the car and told me that everything seemed ok, but if I wanted to leave the car there she would ask her husband to look.

I said I did not want anything deeper was only rpa make sure he was all right. But I asked her to check the engine, start the car and see if everything was working fine because I would just change the oil.

She then got in the car and looked at the instruments connected the battery and found all the lights, unlatched the hood, got out and and looked at the engine, which was pretty neat. Found the connection cable, the battery, brake fluids etc. I asked her to start the car and listen to the engine to see if he agreed.

She then walked into the car with those brand new and branquinhas Hawaiian. As usual he took the Flip Flops to drive. She started the car and was 4 times forward and backward with the car making sure the clutch skating.

Then decided to make the engine test called and turned off the car two times and then began to rev it up. first light, 6 light revs. Then gave an 8 revs hard down the middle. I was there watching those pretty little feet speeding with authority and then she was commenting that he thought everything was ok. I said the belt was singing a few times and then gave it two strong footsteps and nothing belt sing.

Got out and was looking leakage, then the engine and looked some more, then the car sped by throttle cable, has a 6 revs tasty watching the engine. Went back inside the car and took another 8 revs slightly down the middle, then took 4 hard revs to the floor, like stomping and dropping.

I went into a frenzy to see that chevy crying aloud with those pesinhos ruthless. She then took her head out of the car looking at the exhaust and then the chevy felt the weight of that beautiful little foot. She gave 9 very hard rev to the floor, stepping and dropping, then took another 6 hard revs to the floor but stepping quickly and dropping to the middle and has stomped again.

He took a break and then another 10 revs dropping halfway but gradually stepping deeper, Ethnan she gave two heavy revs all the way to the floor in the car. He stepped over and dropped about 4 times to the floor and floor the gas again all the way to the carpet more like 5 times mercilessly.

That was devilish little foot that day. I wanted more more. But she said it was ok and that only the oil change would be preventative enough.

And given 4 more Hard revs stepping and dropping, so I asked her of a heavy footsteps and try to see if the engine had a loud roar as his foot sank. She then turned her attention to hear the engine and began to give the chevy a hell, mercilessly.

Hold it down about 7 times always jamming his foot and giving a hell pressing the pedal aginst the floor. It should have scored those little soles too stepped fearlessly and with force.

After I thanked him and went away in my car that was tired of getting that beautiful little foot.

If i was a gas pedal of womans car…

If I was a gas pedal of womans cars i would love to be soft, cause this way she can drive barefoot everyday. I would be warmed because, even in cold days, she could press me barefoot. In the cold days, i wouldn’t send gas to the engine. I would make the car hard to start, to feel she pumping me first soft and slow, then fast and hard.

Every time she press me hard i would send a little bit of fuel to engine to make it almost start. When she start pump really hard i would send the fuel enought to make the engine start. if she didn’t rev it up really hard i would make the car stall. Just to feel she pressing me against the floor making the engine scream. Even in hot days i would make the car hard to start sometimes, just to feel she rev the car hard. In difficult times I would love to feel her foot pressing me hard to drive fast and getting out frustations.

When she get married, i would pray her to sell the car to other girl. To a new girl who can press me harder than she. A girl who love races too, who would make the engine more poweful to put the gas down hard every second and hear the engine scream. I would love to be sold to a girl who like to drift the car in barefoot, cause I would love to feel her feet pumping me fast down then smash me against to the carpet asking for power. Feeling my wrinkles imprint her sweet soles everytime she press me all the way down. I would kiss her soles and imprint it again and again and again.

When she get tired of me, i would pray she to sell me to a girl who make customs hard revving clips like this girl!